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Teenagers with a vision design quiz game for visually-challenged kids - Onmanorama

If you were told of three 15-year-olds – one of them with a visually-challenged sibling – designing and building a multi-sensory game for those with visual impairments, you might think it’s all too ‘filmy.’

For Yashovardhan Kothari, Dev Kapashi and Dhruv Jhaveri from Mumbai in Maharashtra, it was more of an emotional need than the desire to do anything extraordinary.

Moksha, Dhruv’s visually-challenged younger brother, had to stay out of all their board games. “We so wanted to bring the joy and excitement of playing board games to Moksha,” say the trio. ‘Vision Beyond,’ a tactile and sensory board-game that caters to children with visual impairments, has earned a thumbs-up from Moksha and is geared to go out into the market.

It all started about a year ago when, during a casual meet up, the friends were disturbed by the fact that they had no choice but to leave Moksha out when they sat down for a round of board games. Moksha’s family had tried buying some games for him and had done quite a bit of research into what’s available in the market. By then, it was evident that most of these Braille-supported and tactile games were not available in India and were expensive. They were not easy to use and Moksha didn’t seem particularly keen on playing them.

“What if we could build a game for him?” – that was a moment of brainwave that set them off on a passionate journey. Yashovardhan says, “We wanted to build a game that could be easily played by the visually challenged. There was no point in giving a very complex game that they would need assistance with. The main thing is that it had to be interesting.”

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