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The Indian Express - How three Mumbai teenagers designed a game for the visually-challenged


Touch and go: The team behind Vision Beyond.

Whenever Yashovardhan Kothari, Dhruv Jhaveri and Dev Kapashi hung out together or went on trips, they realised that not all board games wer…

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The Hitvada - ‘Smart’ gaming for the differently-abled

three besties_1 &nbs
 Vision Beyond creators Yashovardhan Kothari, Dev Kapashi and Dhruv Jhaveri.
By Farina Salim Quraishi :
Giving ‘Make In India’ a young twist, three talented city lads have come up with a gaming device for the visually impaired. All of 17 and wise beyond their years, th…

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Muthucharam - Article

Teenagers with a vision design quiz game for visually-challenged kids - Onmanorama

If you were told of three 15-year-olds – one of them with a visually-challenged sibling – designing and building a multi-sensory game for those with visual impairments, you might think it’s all too ‘filmy.’

For Yashovardhan Kothari, Dev Kapashi and Dhruv Jhaveri from Mumbai in Maharash…

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Vision Beyond - Lokmat Times

Vision Beyond : १७ वर्षांच्या ३ दोस्तांनी बनवला अंधांसाठी क्विझ गेम

यशोवर्धन कोठारी, देव कपाशी आणि ध्रुव जव्हेरी हे तिघे घट्ट मित्र. ध्रुवचा भाऊ अंध आहे, त्याला आपल्यासारखा गेम खेळण्याचा आनंद द्यावा, या विचारातून सुरुवात झाली; आणि या तिघांनी बनवला एक गेम! - त्या प्रवासाची ही भन्नाट गोष्ट…

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