Vision Beyond

To restore the gift of vision to every Special human being.

Vision Beyond - The Game with Potential to Impact Thousands of Lives


Vision Beyond 

VisionBeyond is a 4 player quiz game that helps create a level playing field for those who are visually impaired. 3D printed, the game is coded using Python and interacts with the players on the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ framework.
It is the brainchild of Dev Kapashi, Dhruv Jhaveri and Yashovardhan Kothari - a product of the months of determination and hard work they have put in. It is a journey in which the three have surmounted 

Concepts prior to Vision Beyond



In the process of making the best possible game for the visually impaired, we stumbled upon a lot of ideas and built prototypes, for example, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. But we still felt that the both of these games were missing out on something fundamental.

Chess & Other Games



We also built and tested planetary games and even chess; however these endeavours did not prove to be very successful. In essence, we wanted to build something that would add value in true sense to people's lives, be it the visually impaired or otherwise. This thought process led us to building Vision Beyond, an interactive technology-based quiz game.

Design, Trial & Execution


One of the Crucial Part of the Entire Plan, We carried it out with Complete Care of How it would feel in the hands of a User As Most of the parts and Functional Placement on the Body are Based on Feedback of the Users. We Worked Day and Night to make the Best design which we achieved within a span of two Weeks.


We Built and carried out more than 5 Prototypes with Maximum Precision with State of the Art Industrial Equipments used to Build the same to leave no Stone Unturned in the Process of Making it and thus coming up with the Final Product 

Final Designs & The Product


Trials And Feedback

At Last, It was time to bring it to the people it was Built for, The Smile it Brought to their Faces made all our efforts, Days and Nights of Hardwork we put into building the Game Worth it.

We Collected a Lot of Insights and Information while Running the game with the Players Around and Model 2.0 is Underway for the Same.

Trial Videos

Trial For the Game


Trial 02


Trial 03


Testimonial of Moksh, The Motivation for the Vision Beyond Project

The Brains behind the Revolution

From Left to Right (Dhruv, Dev, Yashovardhan)

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